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The High Sierra Trail (39 min) Directed By Chris Smead

This exciting documentary bounces back and forth between the modern experience of hiking the High Sierra Trail, and the early 1900’s when the trail was created.  Join Chris as he drives his friend John to insanity over 6 days in the Sierra Nevada. Together they have some close calls with lightning, climb the highest mountain in the continental US, and discover the history of the trail brought to life via 3d animations created from historic photos provided by the NPS. 

The High Sierra Trail

William C. Tweed - Narration​

With over 30 years of experience working for The National Park Service, William Tweed's contributions to this project were beyond invaluable.  He knew every inch of the High Sierra Trail and the history behind it.  When he speaks it feels like you’re reading a well written book, which makes sense given he’s written several of them! Check them out below! (click on the title to be brought to the book link)

Challenge of the Big Trees: A History of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks — George Thompson Publishing — 2016

King Sequoia: The Tree that Inspired a Nation, Created Our National Park System, and Changed the Way We think About Nature — Heyday — 2015

Uncertain Path: A Search for the Future of National Parks — University of California Press — 2010.

Granite Pathways: A History of the Wilderness Trails of the Southern Sierra Nevada -Coming soon!!

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Chris - Director / Videographer / Editor

Director / Videographer / Editor

At this point Chris has logged over 60 treks, mostly in the Sierra.  After completing and shooting on the trail, he spent over 500 hours editing, and animating photos from the early 1900’s to help tell the story.   The goal:  Create an immersive experience with multiple dimensions:  The modern experience, some technical aspects, history, and of course a lighthearted human element that’s inherent with any backcountry experience. 


Frequent hiker and segment PCT backpacker.  John has travelled around the world, walking through the Golden Triangle in Thailand, rafting up the Katherine Gorge in Australia, and climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro peak in Tanzania.  From the west coast of Turkey to the Abel Tasman track in New Zealand, hiking, backpacking and climbing in the wilderness is his joy.

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