Behind the scenes

Bruce Goodman - Colorist


Avid backpacker and professional colorist.  Bruce has worked on countless Hollywood blockbuster films as well as documentaries like Mile, Mile and A Half.  He spent 4 long days color grading The High Sierra Trail to ensure each shot was maximized to it's full potential.

Bill Meadows - Rerecording Mixer


Bill has 27 years of technical sound experience and has worked on everything from The Revenant, to Pitch Perfect, to The Fast and the Furious.  His skillset, coupled with years of backpacking experience made him invaluable in guiding and defining the sound for this project.

Alex KnickerBocker - Sound Designer


Alex has done it all. From recording sound for military aircraft, desolate Arctic winds, to intimate details of moving cloth. He was nominated twice for a Golden Reel Award for his work on the TV series Mr Robot, and We The Marines. His talent for capturing the ambience and small details of sound contributed to the feeling of being right there on the High Sierra Trail.

Jacen Spector - Graphic Artist / Marketing


Jacen is a long time friend and collaborator, avid hiker, marketing consultant, and artistic visionary behind all the web and print media including the High Sierra Trail premiere event “The SwitchBack Showcase”

Emma Massick - Social Media Strategist


Emma is an avid backpacker and hiker. She has been instrumental in formulating a marketing and social media strategy for the High Sierra Trail and working with the outdoor community to help spread the word. She is excited to be hiking the JMT in July 2018! 

Soundtrack by: Octopus arms